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Camel tobacco

Camel is one of those few brands that are well-known around the world and are considered to be any universal quality regular. Richard Joshua
Reynolds is the founder of the Camel trademark along with the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company (RJR); he occurred in history not only being a
successful businessman, and also as a talented marketer. The son from the Virginian planter he was the first person to label every bundle of
his eating tobacco with multi-colored and catchy art logos. In the beginning of 1913 RJR promoted 4 cigarette brands at once and Camel was one
of them. The particular producers planned the particular Camels look and style to evoke your romantic spirit in the Middle East among the Americans.

The very mix of the dark tart Turkish tobaccos and the light Virginian ones suited smokers tastes. And also this revolutionary receipt
occurred in history as American Blend along with became the world normal for the whole tobacco sector. Reynolds staked on Camel getting
spent the lion's share of his advertising money on its marketing campaign to introduce a new hero - Old Joe, an Arabian camel in the famous
Barnum and Bailey Circus. Eventually Old Joe took over as the most popular animal at any time.

Before the company started out selling these new cigarettes, they published the very same teasers in newspapers of 88 National cities, real cheap tobacco.
The first day it had been a picture of the vessel of the desert accompanied by the message CAMELS, the next day the written text was expanded for you to
the Camels are coming! and so on the third day readers were notified concerning the fact that Tomorrow there will be a lot more Camels in this
town when compared to all Asia as well as Africa combined. And finally, around the fourth day the actual fascinated public has been informed that Camel smokes
are here! The warmed up audience rushed to buy cigarettes. Yet another way of cigarette marketing was publicizing through outside
advertising in the crowded places. As a result in the first year the company marketed 425 million Camel cigarettes plus six years, within
1921, half of the National smokers were purchasing only Camel. Neither just before nor after this strategy did other manufacturer manage to come to the
top so fast.

Inside the 20s women appeared inside the Camel advertisements for the first time. Many Hollywood starts used Camel, and politicians kept up
with them. During the Warfare Camel positioned itself since cigarettes for military, reminding them regarding home and combining their
patriotism. BTobacco advertising

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